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Welcome to the world of 6502!

I’ve been doing equipment design since 2006.  I started by using a Megawin 6502 MPU writing code for communication to a PC using USB. The experiment board also include several push buttons, Flash Memory and FRAM.  I found myself interested in programming 6502 Assembly language.

After some years,  I don’t want part of my works only stored in one of my portable hard disk.  I may lost all the data if the hard disk is corrupted.  So, I set up the 6502 Assembly website for organizing the material related to the topics.

Actually, my first 6502 program was written in 1988 (I was a small boy at that year) using an Apple II computer.  I am still remember the happiness, at that time, people treated you as a genius if you could write assembly programs.

By the way, that’s only part of my memory. I still enjoy writing 6502 assembly nowadays.  So, why not give a warm welcome to the world of 6502 Assembly.

Happy Programming,


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